Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mark and clan

This is Cassie posting in behalf of Mark and Laura. Mostly just so I don't have to look at my dumb indian pics anymore!
The rest of you can take this as a warning that any information I find on you is free game for me to post! I love it.

I had minor difficulties with the copy and paste feature so enjoy the variety of bolness, underlining and fonts.

Happy Easter to all our dear friends and familly! For those of you who don't know we moved over the Christmas break and were a bit too busy to get a yearly letter sent so here it is.

In December we were blessed with a family who wanted to rent our house. We began packing and had Lizzie's Birthday party and celebrated Christmas and then really began packing as we moved Dec 28th. We left after dark with Mark and the boys driving the U-haul towing his car behind. I drove the van with the girls and our cat and hamster and more stuff. It was snowing and the roads were snow covered and we saw several cars in the ditch, until we passed Mount Pleasant and then everyone was not in such a hurry and knew how to drive in the snow. We got a hotel at 1am in St Ignace, just over the Mackinaw bridge. We spent the first 6 weeks at Winter Quarters(Laura's parents) all sleeping upstairs and got along quite well. In Feb we moved into our townhouse in Daggett. We have 3 bedrooms and are settling in quite well. We have learned there is no insulation hense our heat bill is slightlty larger than our rent!!! The kids had a rough few weeks as they adjusted to a new school but are doing well now. As parents we are loving their new school as each student is individualized in their learning of math, reading and spelling. We have begun house hunting and are pondering about a large old home in Stephenson with 5 bedroom, 2 bath and a triple city lot. It needs lots of TLC and insulation and electrical wire but the price is right($40,000).
Mark is enjoying his new career of woodworking and his very short commute, he walks across the street. He grew a beard and just shaved it off last week. (That's him holding some Bear Sausage in one of the photos) It sure helped keep him warm during the cold snaps of -20-30. (Several weeks of that weather)

Laura plays chaufer to the kids to get them home an hour befor the bus would get them there. She keeps busy helping with homework and cooking for the constantly hungry(growing) children. While living in Howell she was the secretary for the primary and Calvin's den leader for Cub Scouts. Here in Daggett she teaches the older children at church. Laura enjoys scrapbooking, gardening, painting interior walls and getting together with her sister and nephews who live 3 blocks away.
Clara is 10 and in the fifth grade. She made new friends right away and went on a sleepover her first day of school. After the first few weeks of an academic rough start she is doing great in school. She even volunteers to do math problems on the board or read during class time, things she would never do in Howell. She is very creative in making stories or crafts. She is becoming a fun young lady and a joy to be around.
Calvin is 8 and in the third grade. His new teacher is very strict in her policies on schoolwork and he can be very stubborn, but does great work when he wants too. (I think his teacher is wonderful) Calvin loves to be around everyone and likes to make people laugh and help in the kitchen. He loves to play outside no matter the weather and play on the computer and with his little cousins Peter and Alexander. He also loves taking care of Grandma's chickens and gathering eggs. While we lived with Grandma he would wake up at 6:30 every morning to feed the chickens. The other photo is of the kids helpng pluck and butcher the 3 roosters Grandma and Grandpa killed for eating.

Josh is now 7 and enjoying 1st grade. We had a bithday party for him in our new town and had lots of his new friends come. Josh loves to play computer games, read books and play with action figures and stuffed animals.
Lizzie turned 5 in December and was attending a preschool while in Howell. Since our move we have not enrolled her anywhere, but attend a weekly playgroup. Last week we signed her up for Kingergarden and she can't wait to go. She enjoys playing games and fixing puzzles and being with Mom no matter what I am doing. She is a little chatter box and lots of fun to be around.
Well time to eat dinner with our family. There are 12 of us and we rotate who's house we have Sunday dinner at. Here is our address and our new email as we no longer have service with AT&T so they kicked us off.
Mark and Laura Haddock, 323 W County Road 358, Daggett, MI 49821. Our cell number is still 517-672-6962 and email is
We hope you are all well and would love to hear from you. Let us know when you want to come visit the UP. You are always welcome.
Love the Michigan Haddocks
Mark, Laura, Clara, Calvin, Josh, and Lizzie


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