Monday, August 25, 2008

Jeremy's Running Adventure

So this last Saturday, I decided to try to go for a long run up Ben Lomond. I knew I wasn't going to get to the top, but I thought I'd see how far up I could go in an hour and then turn around and come back. I made it up just over 4 miles to the part where the trail switches over to the west side of the mountain before I turned around. The uphill portion was rather uneventful other than passing a few hikers and a mountain biker. I turned around and started flying down the mountain.

I was feeling pretty good on the way down and was having flashbacks of why I used to love this kinda thing. I am pretty sure I was on a running high. I think I even screamed for joy. A few seconds later, I apparently didn't lift my right foot up high enough to clear a rock in the path and I went down.

As I got up in disbeleif, I realized that I had cut my right hand, my right knee, and I'm pretty sure I had rolled over a pretty sharp rock on my back. I stood up and looked around for my water bottle (I didn't want to be dehydrated). I found it partially opened and was relieved to see that I still had some water and it wasn't muddy.

I noticed as I got up that my shirt was suddenly muddy. I guess all my sweat mixed with the dirt on the trail when I fell. Despite the fall I was still feeling pretty good and continued running down the mountain almost as if nothing had happened.

I passed a bunch more mountain bikers on their way up the mountain and couldn't figure out why they all seemed to look at me funny. When I got to the car I think I found out why. Apparently I had achieved the worst case of nipple burn I have even seen or experienced. I guess I didn't notice it at first because of the fall. I thought that was just where I had grabbed my shirt with my bloddy hand.

I had Martha take some sweet pics so you could all enjoy this experience with me. Check 'em out.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Birthday
Hope you get to eat good food, see a great movie, open some great presents, and get a pedi.
Oh, wait, those are my birthday wishes.
Well, birthday wishes and hugs from Haddocks in Kansas!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Anne is a happy happy girl

I passed the National Exam today. I called my boss and told her. She called me back with the news that I just got a $15,000 raise effective today. In Novemeber, I'm still eligible for another $5.000 raise and then by the next November, if I meet budgeted expectations, I'll get another $10,000 on top of that. Pretty cool, huh? Wow. I guess now I have to get to work. Just wanted to pop on and share my joy. We're in the process of moving to Albany and finding a house. We're still debating whether we want to rent or buy right now. If we find the right house for the right price, we may buy. Anyway, stay tuned to Anne on the move - - I'll let you know where I end up. For now we have a PO Box and are getting our mail forwarded.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Talequah? Why you goin' to Talequah?

Does anyone remember that line? It was on Where the Red Fern Grows when the boy is leaving early in the morning to go get the dogs. Matt's family has been taking yearly float trips, and we happened to go to Talequah! It was my first time to Oklahoma. I think so anyway here are a few pics from that trip!

Abby sure is getting cute! You can see her personality coming through. She is walking around very good, and even stands alone and takes up to three steps by herself! Pretty good for nine months I think. Up above is a pretty cute pic of her at Grandma and Papa Lyda's house.

On other news, some of you might know, we just closed on our first house!!! It's still here in the little city of Carbondale. It was a reposessed house, so we got a killer deal on it. The people before us had a lot of cats, so it stunk really bad. We are in the process of fixing it all up. We closed on friday and went and tore out all of the carpet that night, and basically we have everything out of the house. We are finding some small quirks that we didn't notice. None of the bedrooms have lights. The have a light switch, but none on the cieling. I don't think it's a big deal. Matt thinks he can wire it all up! Anyways, we are having our new carpet installed on the 18th, and so we have a lot to do before that point, and we are going to loose 5 days coming to Utah, so every second of our spare time is spent there!

Mark, I know a little of how you feel! It's hard work! How is your house coming? Do you want to come help us with ours? ha.

Well we fly out to Utah next tuesday, and we are all very excited to see everyone! I have lots of pictures to share! See you all really soon.

All our Love,

Allison, Matt, and Abby