Sunday, July 20, 2008

It has been a very busy last couple of weeks since my last post. We are still trying to be ready to move out of the apartment and into the new house by the end of the month, and what originally seemed to be an impossibility now seems like it might just work, but barely.

The week after my last post, I pretty much took the week off of work to work on the house, and I even hired one of my co-workers to help me with the demolition (pulling the plaster and lath from the outside walls to get ready for the insulation.) That was a pretty good decision, as Russ had a lot of fun pulling it down, and I even caught him laughing a couple of times. We made great progress, and in about two and a half days we had most of it done, and we just had piles of debris in each room:

The kids enjoyed helping with the demolition as well:

We then spent the rest of that week cleaning up the mess, and I also worked to get the electrical boxes on the exterior walls in place and with wires running to them, so that they would be ready for when the insulation people were coming (last monday).

That saturday (one week ago) we had a pretty good crew show up from our branch to help finish getting ready for the insulation. One of the members who does construction reframed a door that was bowing because it had not been originally built with a proper header, and he also expanded the opening for our front and rear entry doors and put in 2 36-inch doors for us, so that was a great help. Another member helped me get new plumbing run to the first floor bathroom toilet and sink, so we can now actually flush and have at least one running sink.

George (the same guy that helped me with the plumbing) also helped me get the outlet boxes in the exterior walls of the first floor and wire run down to the basement, so I could hook it up later, but it was at least ready for insulation.

We also had crews pulling nails and cleaning up debris, so we really made a lot of progress that day.

On Monday and Tuesday of this week the insulation company came and did their thing, filling the wall cavities with spray-in celullose insulation. Before they sprayed it in, they first went around with cans of foam and sealed all the holes they could find, like where a wire went up to the attic, or down to the basement, and sealed around the windows and door frames, etc. When they were done, it looked like this:

After letting it dry out for a couple of days, they came back on Thursday and covered it with 5 mil poly (plastic sheeting). While we were waiting for it to dry, I spent my mornings and evenings at the house tying in the wire we had shoved up to the attic in the frantic race to be ready for monday, and finishing off the rest of the 2nd floor electrical, which is now done, except for putting the outlets in the exterior walls, which has to wait until the drywall has gone up.

Saturday we had a branch picnic, after which we picked up some drywall and had a drywall party with several members of the branch again, and we got most of the drywall we need up to the second floor and we got drywall up in two rooms.

We are trying to be moving in on Saturday, and to meet that we need to get the house drywalled, taped and mudded, and get some more plumbing in (at least finish the 1st floor plumbing). Then I can finish rewiring the first floor after we move in.

So we still have our work cut out for us, but we have more help from the branch scheduled to come, so I think we at least have a chance to make it. We really don't have to be moved until the last day of the month, but it would be nice to have a few extra days to get the place cleaned up and left in good condition.


At July 20, 2008 10:56 PM , Blogger Pop said...

You guys are amazing. Good luck with the deadline. Thanks for the pictures. Mom

At July 21, 2008 10:46 AM , Blogger Eglefino said...

nice job Mark. A lot of work.


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