Sunday, October 19, 2008

Can life be crazier??

Here are a lot of pictures from yesterday!! Abby turned 1, as many of you may know. The past year has flown by, and I thank the Lord everyday for the wonderful gift of being a mother. We love Abby so much, and can't imagine life without her!
This is Abby eating her lunch. We had BBQ sandwiches, funeral potatoes, baked beans, and tracies delicious salad! It made for a great lunch!
I had my heart set on a huge cupcake for Abby. We actually found a cupcake store that made it for us. It was BEAUTIFUL! They actually just barely started making them, and so they all loved it and have it posted on their website! It sure was more pretty than tasty though.

This is the table we set up with the cake, Abby's picture and her memory box. I made a box (with Tracie and Cassie's help) and made slips of paper for everyone to write something to Abby that she can open on her 16th birthday. Letters of hopes and dreams for her, or something they love about her....etc. For those of you not in attendance, We would like you to add your letters as well. I have paper I can send, or you can send it on whatever you would like. We hope you will add your thoughts to this special day!

This is the big cake that everyone ate. It was quite delicous. The party sure turned out well. Thanks to Mom and Dad for the birthday call! Abby loved listening to you sing!
My camera died, and I don't have the pics of presents, or the eating of the beautiful but not so yummy Abby cupcake, but I will be getting some from Gail, and Cassie has some, so she might add them!
On other news..... I GOT INTO NURSING SCHOOL!!! I just found out on Thursday that I got accepted to the LPN program. I start in January and will have my LPN in December. I might be able to hop right into a bridge to RN which will only take another 2 semesters. So it's basically getting the job done, without taking a ton of pre-reqs that KS didn't accept. I'm super excited, and have been waiting SO long for this opportunity!
We hope and pray all is well. We love and miss you all!
Allison, Matthew, and 1 year old Abby


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