Friday, March 14, 2008

Cowboys and Indians Together at Last

Thank you everyone for all of your kind birthday wishes.

Saturday I held a killer birthday bash for myself and my friend Tanner. Here are some highlights:
A duel in our very own living room.

Red Herring Running River reading her favorite book.

The Cowboys and Indians finally get along.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Back to Logan (sometime soon)

So I thought I'd finally tell you all the big news. I got a new job. It is with Harris Research Inc. in Logan. Some of you may recognize that name but most probably do not. I will mostly be working with ChemDry. I will be working to improve existing training materials, making new materials and training new ChemDry franchise owners. I started last Monday.

I will be commuting for a while because we are not ready to move yet. We cannot afford two mortgages at a time so we are not going to move until we sell our house here in Ogden. We plan to list it and get the process started next week. Martha has already started boxing up some of the stuff that we don't use very often. Then whenever we sell the house we will figure out exactly what we will do about a living situation in Lo-town.

Both Martha and I are excited to move back. We always talked about living there if I could find work and it happened. Woo hoo!!! Just thought you should all know.

For Martha's account of this exciting event, check The Monkey Times.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Porter is playing basketball while the rest of the family looks on in great amazement . . . .

Especially Spencer!!!!

I had a great time in Kansas! Right now Dad and I are totally frustrated with blogging. Hope to add pictures of Abby later.

Grandma and #15!

Tanner loves looking around on his changing table after a "freshening up".