Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Cheer

Here is the front of my house decorated in style with colored icicle lights. Taking pictures of outside lighting at night is a doozie, but this was my best shot.This is our lovely white tree. It always makes me want peppermint ice cream real bad.
Here are some old shots of Thanksgiving:
Love those slobbery cheeks.

Now I will leave you with a teaser. My Christmas card is soon to come, and yes, I am wearing a Santa hat.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Work, Work, Work

Well, we have had an eventfull week on our house!! I finally got the cupboard doors painted, and matt put them up on tuesday. Here are a few shots of our kitchen projects this past week!

Here we are mudding. As many of you may know, tiling is a long process and there are many parts. Here is the part where you put the grout all over!

After you put the grout all in the cracks, you have to take some buckets of water, and scrub it all around. This is the only action I got in on!! Boy was it fun!

Here is our finished product! Pretty good for amateurs! We sure saved a lot of money doing it ourselves, and I'm definately proud of how it turned out!

Here is a finished shot of the kitchen. If you didn't see the before pictures, the change is amazing. We painted cabinets, new appliances, new countertop, and sink, and now tiling! It's so nice to have our fridge in the kitchen. It has been in the garage for the past four months, and it was annoying to go in and out of the garage to get stuff for supper!

Here is the very beginning part of the tiling. You have to actually lay the tile in cement stuff, and that has to sit 24 hrs before grouting. Let's just say I've been without an oven for a week!

Here is a cute picture of abby in front of our tree!

another one!

Here we are enjoying the leaves a few weeks ago!

Well, we had a bit of a scare. AT&T cut a ton of jobs, and there was rumor that Matt was going to be layed off. They ended up keeping the two with the most seniority, and that happened to be him. He had more seniority than two guys on another crew, so it bumped them out, and Matt and a co-worker are taking their place. We are so blessed that he has a job, and I even found out I like Kansas more than I thought in the process.

I hope this blog finds you all well. We are sure keeping busy with this house!! Sorry Anne, Matt refuses to hang outside christmas lights! Man I miss those lighting ceremonies! I love and miss you all!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's Christmas in Logan!

We got our first true snow yesterday. Not a lot, but an inch or so. Jeremy helped get the tree up last night for Grandma and we are still in the process of getting the rest of the house decorated, but here is a sneak peak. Check out Grandma's blog to see a video. :)

Friday, December 5, 2008

New blog update

Come one come all to the newest blog on the block! I created a blog for things about Grandma. That way all of you can share in the years that she has left. Check it out. I will have Jeremy update the family blog with a link on the side for easy access for everyone. For now click on the link below.

House lights

This is the Anne and Wendy house decked out for Christmas. It looks a lot better in person. I'm pretty proud of us. Let's see what everyone else is doing to get in the Christmas spirit.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No longer home owners!

So I thought I'd follow Anne's example and make a post. I don't know who has heard yet but our house finally sold last week. That is one thing that we are definitely thankful for. I personally, am glad that they can't rake us across the coals for more money anymore. After all is said and done (and paid) we are actually losing a few thousand dollars. But at least we don't have to pay $1000/ month not to live there. Other than that things have been pretty good. It was good to see Darren, Cassie, Emily, and families for Thanksgiving.

We got the bath/shower mostly put in to Grandma's house. It's not the most professional looking project I've been involved in but I think it will work once Tom comes back to fix the leak in the drain. We can't use it yet because the drain just leaks onto the floor. Here are some pics.
Also Dillan has kinda started to potty train. He has gone number one several times and even went number two once. It is not regular but he loves his little potty. Here he is on his own personal throne and some other bonus pics.Check out what we found. Look at the expiration date. It's older than me! Grandma's place needs a little cleaning out.
We also got to go to a USU basketball game a few weeks ago courtesy of HRI. It was awesome and we had great seats.
I hope you all are doing well. Keep posting.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Anne's Holiday trip to the Coast

So, what's up? No one posts anymore? I felt like I'd jump start this Haddock blogger gig a little. What about some Thanksgiving Holiday pictures? We went to Newport on the Oregon coast. It was in the 60's and sunny. I love the sea lions. They're so adorable. We had some famous MO's clam chowder. Wendy's parents left this morning. We had a great Thanksgiving holiday. I'll send some pictures of our decked out house when I unload them from my camera. I say we all send pictures of our abodes lit up for Christmas. What do you all think?