Monday, April 7, 2008

Priesthood Session

So Larry sang in the Priesthood session of General Conference on Saturday, and thanks to Dad not being able to go, I got to use the extra ticket Larry had. It was great. I took a couple pics to show you all where I was. This first one shows the 1st presidency and the 12 leaving at the end.

I was all the way at the bottom on the left and Larry was stage left behind the organ so I could only see him if one of us was standing. But I could see accross the aisle where the 12 and 1st presidency sat so I could see each of their profiles as they spoke.

This picture is probably hard to see but if you can find the Organ, Larry was right behind it. Larry's choir sounded great and the talks especially by the First Presidency were great. Thank you Larry for letting me use that ticket.

I rode Trax to and from conference because Martha, Dillan, and I stayed with Martha's mom for the weekend. Here's a pic to illustrate how crowded the ride home was. (This was after letting a couple of trains pass to let a bunch of people get out of the way.

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